Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why is it so hard for Spencer Robertson to find a private, long-term space for the PAVE Academy?

On their website. The SUNY Charter Schools Institute recommends two organizations that aid charter schools (see the resources in the applicaton area). Please notice The Robertson Foundation. Who do you think runs this foundation? Of course. It's Spencer Robertson's father. One of the areas The Robertson Foundation helps support charter schools is in securing and maintaining private facilities. Does it make any sense at all that Spencer Robertson is having so much trouble finding a suitable location for the PAVE Academy when he's not only gotten a substantial contribution from his father for PAVE, but one would assume plenty of advice and access to assistance?

The two organizations below offer a broad range of services and support to both
new and existing charter schools; the first serving member charter schools
across the state, the second focusing on those schools planned for and located
in New York City.
The New York Charter School Association (NYCSA) is a state-wide member services association. NYSCA's mission is to promote effective, efficient, and accountable charter schools by: provide services that dramatically increase academic performance, and ensure financial stability, and; create a social and political climate that fosters the establishment and expansion of public school choice.
The New York City Center for Charter School
is an independent, not-for-profit organization, launched in 2004
as a partnership between New York City and the philanthropic community, with
support from The Robertson Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, The Pumpkin Foundation and The Clark Foundation. Its mission is to "stimulate the supply of high quality charter schools and support ongoing student excellence in all NYC charter schools, impacting the effectiveness of public education. As an independent nonprofit, the Charter Center is an advocate, bridge and catalyst for the achievement of academic and operational success and sustainability of all NYC charter schools for each young person."

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