Monday, May 5, 2008

Blog Under Attack - Gag Order In Effect

I've been officially asked to stop posting to this blog until after Wednesday's meeting. Much as it annoys me to be subject to censorship, I'm taking it under consideration - for now. Apparently I've hit a nerve with both the DOE and Spencer Robertson.

As of Wednesday night, though, look for new posts. Blogger is terrific: it now allows users to schedule when a post will appear at a future date and time - and I've scheduled a series of posts to appear starting at 6:00 on May 7.

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Patrick J. Sullivan said...

I don't know who this Spencer Robertson is but he and John White appear to have a fundamental misunderstanding about what their jobs are. The DOE exists to provide a service to public school families not vice versa. It is not their place to dictate what you say or don't say and give you things to post. Was there some legal basis or some Chancellor's regulation they offered as a rationale for their requests? I would love to hear it.