Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 7th Public Hearing

I'd like to thank everyone who spoke up on behalf of PS15 last night; a lot of factual information was presented, and some very passionate and wonderful testimonies offered as well. You were all wonderful!
I'll be writing a lot more about the meeting later on, but wanted to point out that NOT ALL of the adults who appeared wearing PAVE's t-shirt were actually affiliated with PAVE - some of them were affiliated with other charter schools completely (Paul van Linden Tol recognized them ffrom another recent CEC meeting). I think it's tacky on Mr. Robertson's part to try to "pad" his supporters by disguising them as being directly affiliated with his school.
I'm glad to notice as well that I wasn't the only one who took issue Timothy Burke's description of PAVE's curriculum as being one that focuses on building character, as hough Red Hook residents need help in that area. What made it worse was that he got defensive and almost argumentative about it afterwards. Seems like particularly bad public relations for PAVE... maybe he needs a muzzle next time Mr. Robertson takes him out in public.
It's sad that the DOE representatives can't find a way to make a commitment one way or the other about whether we'll be playing host to PAVE next year - their stock response seemed to be unanimously and repeatedly "we'll have to see, onlhy time will tell, we'll get back to you about that." Do keep in mind, though, that this comes from Michael Duffy, who told me several weeks ago when I called to find out about when the public hearing would be scheduled claimed not to know and claimed he needed to check with a colleague - and oddly enough, he's the one who signed the letter announcing last night's meeting.
It looks as though we have several politicians and John McGettrick in our corner, though, and I hope that their help does the trick.
I just got a call from a parent from a public school in Bushwick that is in the same dilemma. She'd be interested in working together to present a larrger unified front.
And thanks for looking in on my humble blog; as of yesterday, the site had  more than 1000 hits (and Spencer Robertson seems to think nobody's reading it at all).
"Never underestimate the power of a small, dedicated group of people to change the world; indeed, that is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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Socrates said...

So you would prefer that schools don't teach students to be good people? You would prefer that they are soul-less institutions of purely academic orientation? How sad.