Friday, May 16, 2008

PLEASE READ THIS if you oppose co-siting of public and charter schools!

This alone is reason not to give up the fight to oppose poor choices for charter school siting. I want to find out how this district was able to get this passed. We may not be able to duplicate it, but it DOES appear to set a precedent, and with that ammunition, we may be able to move ahead.

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District 30's resolution on Charter Schools

WHEREAS, the Department of Education (DOE) continues to site new Charter Schools in existing school buildings throughout New York City, where they take valuable classroom and administrative space from our traditional public schools; and

WHEREAS, the state’s highest court concluded that class sizes in New York City public schools are too large to provide our children with an adequate education; and

WHEREAS, District 30 is the second most overcrowded school district within New York City, with some of the largest class sizes; and

WHEREAS, residential development is proceeding rapidly especially in the Astoria/Long Island City areas, which have not been factored into the projected student enrollment; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Education has just announced plans to hopefully move yet another Charter School into District 30; and

WHEREAS, there was no consultation with Community Education Council District 30, Presidents' Council, parents within the community and the community at large, prior to Tweed’s staff coercing a Public Hearing and Presentation, stating that if the Council does not hold it, they will direct the Superintendent to hold a Special Public Hearing and Presentation; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Department of Education should immediately withdraw its unilateral and indefensible offer to provide valuable city tax-funded space in public school buildings to Charter Schools and that maximum space be reserved to alleviate overcrowding in nearby schools.

--passed May 13, 2008


moderator said...

I may be able to get the resolution for District 15 soon, and I'll post it when I get it. Check back on this important topic, and I'll also try to have more information on how it affects siting of charter schools in our District.

Anonymous said...

What does this mean in terms of blocking charter schools from invading our public schools? It's going on all over the place, and it's a menace to our schools. Do resolutions like this have any "teeth", or are they just statements protesting what's already going on?