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[Invitation] When will the PAVE Academy have a private site so it does... @ Weekly on Monday (Charter-Free-PS15)

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When will the PAVE Academy have a private site so it doesn't have to co-locate at PS15?

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The PAVE Academy needs to find a private location as soon as possible. It has the resources available to do so. Their presence in PS15 has no advantage to a high-scoring truly public school and its students or their families, who are just as much - if not more so - members of the immediate community than PAVE's students. The decision to co-locate is flawed, and should be reversed.

Despite everything that was presented at the public hearing on May 7 by PS15 staff, parents and supporters, the decision to co-locate the PAVE Academy at PS15 temporarily and with no defined end date has been made. It would appear that the only people whose voices were heard at the public hearing were those of the PAVE Academy's supporters; some of the people in the audience that night wearing PAVE Academy t-shirts were not even directly affiliated with PAVE, but were directors of other charter schools. This decision was also made despite the fact that Mr. Robertson has received funding from his father, who runs several philanthropic organizations that support charter schools in several ways, INCLUDING helping fund and locate private locations for charter schools so that co-location should not be necessary. Civic Builders, Inc. is another funding source that has been given federal funds earmarked for helping NYC and Newark charter schools locate and maintain private locations. Why are these resources not being utilized to the fullest extent? PS15 has not, at yet, received any commitment from Mr. Robertson about what he would be willing to do to sweeten the deal; if we're truly sharing space, then there should be benefits for PS15, just as the PAVE Academy receives the benefit of having a start-up location RENT-FREE for an indefinite period of time - otherwise, the arrangement is a parasitic one that does not benefit PS15 in any way. If the PAVE Academy is intended to help provide additional choices for Red Hook students, then why are there students enrolled in PAVE from all over District 15, and a certain percentage from outside the district completely? We'd also like a signed contract stating exactly how long the PAVE Academy will be utilizing PS15's building.
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