Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tiger Foundation

Tiger Foundation

This is the foundation run by Spencer Robertson's father, who is also a charter school supporter. Notice in the material below, taken directly from their website, the anti-NYC-public-school attitude - they practically blame the public school system for promoting the poverty cycle for urban children:

"One of the best means of breaking the cycle of poverty is to provide
children with a high quality education. Unfortunately, the New York City
public school system frequently fails the students who need that education
the most - those born into poor families, in communities lacking resources
and other educational options.
Thus, the Education program's overarching goal is to improve the city's public school system and to offer every child in New York City a high quality education.
Currently, the Foundation funds a variety of model schools and other systemic reform initiatives including charter schools and professional development for teachers and school leaders. We continue to examine how best to support individual charter schools and the broader charter school movement. We believe that charter schools are an excellent vehicle for public school reform.
Substantive change in a system this large and complex takes time, while daily kids struggle in inadequate public schools. Therefore as a secondary goal, the Education program supports academic enrichment programs designed to compensate for the deficiencies in schools, as well as some alternatives to the public school system. The Foundation funds a variety of academic enrichment models designed to offer intensive educational supports to students. All of these programs are offered by community-based organizations, not the public schools themselves. We do not support pure summer interventions or school-day curricular enhancements. All of the programs must document concrete outcomes showing improved academic performance."

Well, now we know where Spencer Robertson learned his agenda - right at home, from his father. Is this someone who's going to cooperate with PS15 if he's allowed to share space in our school? I wouldn't trust the arrangement to be beneficial to PS15 at all over the long term.

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