Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat, 6 Nov 2010 14:10:18 +0200

Hey Family!

Just wanted tok35celnr5 write yoisivelu, and let yosbtkuu knoc8nbdo9iw, hohw0qww the degree proujbju978gram I tried om43i6dbut went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degree with no7c study required and %100 verifiable.

Yeah mok3am, I knojgpw yorn1kgu and Dad dosyubted it at first, but this turned ovwnboi7dut tohr be %100 legit. This oxpu9ppo0jrwz8nhrtunity was given toh7gwom9 me because ogj235xeldf the prowp0hkt7cfessioqf3a2i0nal experience and previot8kumbwus co6yw7uurse woikrk I had accumulated.

I�m soauvqvcf excited moszdm and dad, this was a life altering ok2ppoqwelh162rtunity & foqoxmr od1elt0mnce in my life I ton35el7o69ck6n25k advantage o4no0jg4mf it.

I already have jo2nkbs, that wo5gp5fguldn�t have given me a chance befo0oc5z8hre, noj47xw they are calling okkelq4daff the ho7rftuvnourda2k! This really is a goqadxqel3idsend.

Tell Susan and Cojifftkusin Jopjqjely0ey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the orb9uither day.

Again these are the degrees they oxf5cnmffer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD, and the number tom2dbs7 call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them tosavrhq46 leave a brief message with their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phomk7vu0rne numbers. They will co4vx80elsntact yo4mmd4vu sopsv3o6cun after,

Anyway, much lojsq3ve, and tell the rest oyaf the family I said hellosgw3d

Yo0acngdur soqwcelcwwvn,


Moqhm, why doi9dqxn�t youhruu send this email to9t3 a few oco2f yo7pur friends? My pro54aytgbtfessorkuqurr tonozowpudld me that if we send o3el4ver referrals the schogdoq9jn5o6k6l can give us a schokxsnng7larship.

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