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Pyrantel Pamoate (nemocid) Try a m*ore e-ffective med-ication bef'ore a .nocturnal ast_hma at+tack takes you*r life away. H'igh blood , can be ca-used by ob+ese and o_verweight. Think a_bout yo'ur health! It'�,s not only your bod,y _that suffers f'rom pain but* you*r nervous 'system as+ well. Think twice-! _Antibiotic_s work by attaching. t*o some part of+ the bact-eria and +destroying it. -Choose, your _drug. Obesity* is fast be,coming the de'veloped worl*ds big_gest .health problem. Pro+tect 'yoursel.f from it! It�s im*porta,nt to kn*ow that pa.inkillers may+ be taken in' combination,s wi_th other* medications. So*me health ce_ntres o-ffer -men�s-specific .health *checks, b-ut they are not. popu-lar enough. Best_ way to tre'at chol*estero'l in kids 'is with a d_iet and. exercise progra-m invo'lving the+ family. Do n-ot demand ,antibiot_ics from y'our physician. Mi,suse is. very dang_erous for 'your healt+h. If +you live in a* big ci.ty and h+ave little child'ren you are *at ris+k of getting il_l with s-ome al+lergy. Do y.ou know that+ nause*a may be* reduced if pain+killers a-re taken with +a mea+l or a g+lass of mil_k? One size fit.s all d+oes not- apply to p.ainkillers. Ne*ver shar+e your prescri+ption drug_ with anyo_ne. Ever,y ma.n wants to have+ ultima+te sexual pow_er as' long as possibl-e. But l+ife is tricky+! Asthma, causes recu,rring, periods of +wheezing, sho_rtn,ess of breath, and' c_hest tightn'ess. If your .family is+ full of ov*erweig,ht people, try ou_t our. new medica*tion that h'elped 'hundreds. ,Looking for asth+ma he'lp? Living with i-t+ isn�t easy, th.ere are+ ways to decreas-e your. stress. Erec_tile, dysfuncti_on will not b_e given a c'hance to* ruin your life,! .Hurry to buy th+e drug! *Men at so,me point, in their live,s have diff,icult*y getting or' keeping erect'ions. I+t�s very norm,al. There ar,e more sc_ient+ific ways to figur+e _out if you are o-bese or, just ch+ubby. Hurr+y up now! Comm'on asthma -symp-toms include cou'ghing, especi-ally at +nigh't, wheezing a.nd pres,sure. Since .the time whe'n impot*ence knocked at m*y door I ,have tr_ied dozens of -useless -drugs! Your. f.eelings and em,otions influe-nce 'your eating 'habits. Be- careful not+ to get obe+se e,ating a lot! Ant+ibiotics _work by attac.hing ,to some part 'of t*he bacteria *and destroying it.. Choose_ your -drug. Appr*oximately 3 mill,ion c_hildren under .age 18 yea,rs were r_eported +to have a_ food *allergy. Gosh! As,thma 'is one of 3 -common -causes of ,chronic cough in, c*hildren. Be care*ful wit,h your kids-. Anti,biotics only wor_k aga*inst fighting inf+ect'ions caused, by bacte+ria, but not vi_ral infe'ctions. Could t_he nex_t craze be, qu-ite lite+ral_ly, nuts? A+ study concl.uded that nu*ts lower .cholestero'l. Many p,eople believe -that they _sho_uld only get- help when the p*ai+n is becoming u'nbearable,. People wit,h as+thma have what -are 'sometimes c*alled �sensitize+d� airw,ays. Chec_k yourself *now. In addi*tion to' noisy -and rapid breathin.g, a'sthma in ki*ds can caus.e frequen_t coughing spell+s.* Obesity�s pro.bably the onl,y ,disease that can be' cause.d by ne,gative emotions *only. B-e very' careful! Low ,calorie diet c-an *provide rapid +weight loss+ over -a short period *of time. 'Do .you believ-e it, man? Antibiot.ic resi_stan-ce results +from gene+ action. I_ can tell *you much mor-e about the,se drug's! How much weight, are 'you going to* lose?. This medica'tion will _help you lose- as m.uch as you need+! It�s import'ant to' know that p*ainkill,ers may b-e taken in com+binations- with ,other medicati'ons. R-egular e-xercise, lik.e biking or_ walking, 'can lower your ,ki_d's risk for ca-rdiovascul_ar disease-. Do you know. tha*t women ove*r age 20 s'hould ha*ve their chol,esterol chec'ked by +their doctor. Y_ou ar-e a lucky ,man & we h'ave chose_n you to *try our most effec*ti*ve potency bo-oster! If i*t weren�t fo_r paink_illers there c'ould have b*een muc_h more miser,abl_e people in the wo,rld. _Why wou.ld your d-octor shake_ his head if _your ch.olesterol' report says, t-riglyce,ride�s high? Br+eathing_ in ciga-rette smo,ke can ca-use an in asthmati_c people. Get+ ready to s.truggle'! Since t'he time -when impotence 'knocked a+t my door_ I have. tried .dozens of useless* drugs! A.sthma is *not only a ser+ious dis,eas'e but also +a type of alle_rgy reaction. 'Make su're y'ou're safe! Spri+ng a,llergies k.ill nervous syst_ems *of numerous pe+ople every y+ear. The an_swer is sim_ple+! One bact-erium with' a mutation can +survive th.e antibio+tic a_nd reprod+uces milli,ons more. While the-re�s 'no asthma diet,- there a+re *specific gui_delines for eati+ng wel.l with+ asthma. Scie*ntists have f_ound th*at some foods+ (as fish & w*alnuts) c+an hel_p cont,rol your cholest_erol. Look _for ways th+at y.ou might be _distra-cting yourself d+uring sexu+al act*ivity. Attention+ matt,ers! Making a+n ap-pointment with yo-ur phy+sician is the* first step t-o erec'tile dysfuncti'on tr_eatment. Shoul,d you ex.perience any .unex'pected reacti'on to an ant,ibiotic, .immediately* ca+ll your d,octor! Antibio*tics only work fighting .infec'tions caused by- bacter.ia, but no+t viral infec+tions. Even _if you+ have +severe ast-hma you need' to exer.cise regula'rly in or*der to stay in 'good sha-pe! Contempo.rary envi*ronment s s'o pollut,ed, that allerg-ie_s are observed m-ore and mo+re of+ten. Obesi+ty causes signifi.cant heal,th pro*blems. But_ you aren�t in d_anger if y*ou.r eating mode is+ heal.thy! High 'blood chole,sterol is .one of the, major ris*k factors *for heart dise+ase. Lear,n more now!+ Sp-ring allergies k,ill nervo*us sy.stems of numerous+ people' every y*ear. The a.nswer is- simple! Antibioti.cs+ work by attac.hing to som.e part of +the bac_teria and d_estroying_ it. Choose *your drug. C,auses of' erectile d*ysfunction can. be physic*al or p'sychologic+al, bu-t not related- to u*nderwear. It�s+ time to refil,l +your home m*edicine chest wit,h super-p-owerful i,mpot*ence treatme+nt! Airi+ng out rugs and oth,er househ+old ite+ms dries a-nd he+ats them � extermin,at_ing allergic mi'tes. age 20 & *older sh-ould have_ their choles_terol m.easured a+t least_ once every .5 years. _Health car*e professionals, can c-heck choles*terol +in school-a_ge kids by _a simple blo_od test. Have ,you he_ard that c+hocolate can -help stop, se+vere asthma attack?* I wi_tnessed it w_orking!!_! You may be gi+ven ot'her| such 'as anti-epil'eptic drugs 'to tak,e with your _painkillers'. How many .calorie*s do y.ou consume every+ day? May, be ,I is the k+ey to your ideal w-eigh,t? Try out! The* medicin_e you will se_e in this_ lette,r has -saved my marria+ge from co.llapse! It.�s amazin+g! It�s imp-ortant to ,know that p,ainkill*ers may be tak_en in .combinations .with other ,medi-cations. It i+s quite safe' to take* your pain reli,ef drug f+or as, long as- you need t,o, if it is helpi-ng yo-ur pain. Orga.n me-ats are hi_gh in choleste_rol content, ,but f_oods of+ plant origi+n contain no ch*oles.terol. Chronic- pain is har+d t_o live with a.nd many people -take prescr'ipti'on painkiller-s to stop it.+ Low g.astric a-cid secre-tion and intesti_nal overgr+owth of yea-st may co.ntr-ibute to a.llergy onset._ It is possi_ble to rea_ct to' a food without b,eing 'allergi,c. Make sure yo+u hav_e some medic*ations! *Our top-qualit_y inhalers, have _already saved live+s of many ,peo+ple suffering fro.m *asthma. If 'you�re tired of .looking fo,r an eff,ective a+sthma relief, w'e have exac'tly wh'at you need- now! If only+ one 'parent has all'ergies of, any type,- ch,ances are 1 in 3 t.hat each ch*ild w.ill have+ an allergy., Every man w,ants to hav+e u-ltimate sexu,al power as lon-g as po'ssible+. But life is tric_ky! Ant+ibiotic 'associated .diarrhea can .occur w_ithin two da-ys of comple.ting a co_urse of tr+eatm.ent. There'�re some tri.cks that those_ with asth-ma can empl_oy that wil.l he-lp their ast*hma sy'mptoms. Not b_eing active is 'a r,isk factor for .heart- disease-. Physical _activity can h,elp lowe.r choleste'rol. Many. people bel,ieve that they -shoul-d only get .help when the p.ain i,s becoming- unbearable._ Our culture+ fosters ,the tende*ncy toward .obesi_ty: the +foods that cos.t less ofte-n are the h-eavi-est. Forty perce-nt o*f non-Hisp_anic Blacks and_ nearly ,one quart,er of Mexican+ Americans ,are obese_. Narcotic .painkil,lers decreas-e functio_ns within th.e cen,tral nervous sys*tem. U,se safe+ drugs! Ye'ar after year o,ur envir.onmental c_onditions. worsen a+nd it contri-butes to aller+gy prevalenc-e! I_n about 50,% of children +with as,thma, t,he condition may b'e*come inactive_ in the teenage _y+ears. The obesity, rat,e for children is* rising r.apidly' as kids spend- mor*e time wat,ching TV and eati-ng.' Pain relief med_icati.ons have 'some commo.n side effect+s that are g*enera-lly mild *in severity-. Taking medicat'ions in or_der to st*ay slim & +heal+thy is not that st_upid as it _may seem, *beli+eve me! Your_ symp.toms may al_so vary from one _asthma at'tack to t,he next. Be. ready to _struggl'e! Phys,ical signs o.f painkillers o*verdose* include p+inpoint p*upils, co_ld and clam_my skin_, confusion. N-ot every sing.le individu'al with a+st-hma has the s'ame symptoms ,in the same *way. Inn,ovative+ medication ha*s been. introduced *recently a.nd no asthmati.cs are gi-ven a 2nd c_hance. +Sexu,al life is someth+ing. that makes us f*eel ha.ppy and neces-sary. Wha-t�s li-fe without sex? .Asthma is on'e of the mo'st comm_on l'ong-term condit_ions in U'SA and ma_y be life-t'hreatening. A,sthm_a affects kid's in diff.erent ways+. Read m.ore about the wa.ys of reduc_ing t_he sympt'oms. Early signs ar'e c.hanges that_ happen jus*t befor+e the beginning of .an a+sthma attac*k. Discover wh_ich foods a're mos+t likely to. cause a b, problem., & take_ preventive steps! .Obesity i*s a disease+ that a_ffects 34 p,ercent, of adu,lts age 20 and o+ver in the Un'ited St_ates. Chro-nic allergie's ar*e difficult to cu*re -but you can obta,in, control over you.r allergy w'ith th*is� to 'latex allergen alo*ne is r,esponsible f-or ,over 200 case's of ana.phylaxis each' year. I ,don�t need neither+ m-iracles, nor m,agic to hav*e gre*at sex at the *age of '55! All I need is'� Tak_ing ant,ibiotics w'hen you have a v'iral infect.ion will .be a terri-ble mistake!* Don�t, do that!. Many people be.lieve t*hat they sh.ould put *off using s'trong pa+inkillers for ,as lo_ng as poss.ible. Supe-rb disc*ounts for asth'ma medication.s! _Hurry up 'to try a new t-reatment +for your as'thma! Asth-ma affects a+s ma-ny as 10% to 1+2% of childr,en in the Un+it*ed States._ Are your ki,ds safe? Keepin'g exces_s weight off i+s essen_tial for go.od healt,h and has n,othing to do, with .crash diets,' dude. Erectil,e dysfun'ction may be' caused b*y physical -fact_ors, facto+rs or -by medication's. Did you k*now that th*e num*ber of -obese child-ren has nearly d,ou'bled over th+e past 20 yea'rs. An alle,rgy can mak*e you *sneeze, itch, a.nd whee*ze. Most peo.ple asthma. have allerg*ies. There is c*urren'tly no -cure for as-thma and no singl'e ex+act cause that' has been *ide_ntified. Asth-ma is ch*aracteriz-ed by bronchial t-ubes inf'lammation. -Learn how _to prevent t*he d*isease! Healthy+ weig,ht is usually _achi'eved by combining _dietary -changes and+ activit.y or taking_ med,icine! Som+e people may only .have asth-ma during e-xerc*ise or asthma wi'th vi'ral infec_tions li_ke colds. A bik'e and seat t_hat fit e*rgon-omically with a ma,n�s b.ody can drive* away all *threats .for pe,nis. Keeping e.xcess weight 'off 'is essential for _good healt-h and has n_othing to +do w.ith crash' diets, d_ude. Obesi,ty does not have -to ruin +your, life; pro*per exerci+se and diet ca+n overcome it,. Do it _now! _You should +know all the 'risk fa_ctors to avoid o+besity,! Learn more no*w .and live long & he.althy ,life! Sho*uld healthy- people t,ake chol-esterol-lowerin.g even if, they have no high _choleste_rol? Read ,our quick +answe_rs to common _asthma q,uestions so, you can st.ay well and +be activ'e! If yo'u have extra wei-ght .you are_ at risk of se+rious heal_th that may oc_cur due to' obes*ity. When is too *much chole+sterol in- your blo*od, it build+s up in the wa,lls +of your arteri_es. Cho*lesterol l'evels i_n children are .linked_ to three risk+ factors:- heredity, die.t and+ obesity. Alth,oug*h you may want 'to help you'r chil+d get wel*l, antibiotic's do no good f,or vir'al infectio'ns. Does str_ess trigg,er a_sthma? Stres.s is a co'mmon asthma tri_gger, ,causing you t.o feel a-nxious. Spec+ific ty,pes of pain may -respon_d bett-er to one kind of +pain'killers' than to another 'kind. E,rectio_ns occur during nor+mal, nig-htly sle,eping.+ These erectio*ns ar+e not related to_ ero-tic dreams. + Painkil-lers are the mo*st ab.used type of, prescrip+tion drug*s by teenagers, fol*lowed by -stimulants.' How man.y c*alories do you- consum+e every day? Ma,y be I is the_ key +to your id+eal we,ight? Try .out! Health professional+s 'can check ,cholesterol in sch'ool-age k.ids ,by a sim_ple blood te_st. Narcotic p' decrease f'unc+tions within _the cen.tral nervous s_ystem. Use sa,fe drugs! 'You shou*ld ne'ver start painkillers +witho'ut your health _care p_rovider�s pre_scription.* If your f+amily. is full of ove-rweight peo+ple, t,ry ou_t our new m.edication that h*elped hundr-eds. I a*lway.s feel sorry ab_out obese &* ove_rweight people.' They have so. m*any problems* in their li,fe. Many *of pain,killing drugs ca.n cause mi*ld side effec*ts, suc'h as *constipatio_n and dry_ mouth. There ar-e no magi'c foods or dr.inks th'at can help y'ou' overcome ob.esity. -But there is one m-edicin'e! When you eat' +more calories. than y_our body n_eeds, you tend to g+ain weigh-t!, Are you read-y for it? The nu*mbe_r of new c'ases and the ye'arly rate -of h*ospitalization fo+r asthma ha*ve in*creased! T-he ris.k of devel*oping certain chr.onic diseas-es l,ike hypertens+ion is often +connected +with o*besity_. Our most. popular pharmac-y product,s are sold out' at unbeli'e+vable prices!* Hurry *up! There are mo-re scientifi+c ways to f,igure *out if you *are o,bese or just ch+ubby.. Hurry up now!+ Taking *medicatio*ns in orde.r to stay sli-m & healthy is+ not- that s-tupid as it may s,eem, bel+ieve m*e! Did yo'u think that yo*ur allerg,y is the most u*npleas+ant? I'm sure +the're more horrib+le re'actions. P*eople with as+thma hav.e what are som'etimes calle.d �sensit,ized� ai+rways. Chec+k yourse*lf now. What* is typic_ally us'ed when di-etary changes. doesn�t help ,is' medications an*d sur-gery. All the ,secrets_ of ultima'te masculine_ power and po+tency- are r.evealed in' one serie*s of letter+s! If your pa*in improves,. you ,can sometimes be _pres'cribed a mi_lder painki'ller th_an you take.* Approxima_tely 4 pe.rcent of all -aller-gy sufferer.s have insect .allergie-s as their pri+mary allergy* type. O-besity- means not only -looki+ng bad and bein,g fat, it *bear_s risk of many _da_ngerous dise*ases. Be_come one of those h'appy me+n who. solved thei_r problems with* p,otency easily! How. does +cholesterol cau*se h,eart disease?, Learn ever.ything a*bout yo.ur risk of hear+t attack. didanosin.e Endoca-rditis kera_toconj+unctivitis si*cca Be+nicar [benicar] +(Olmes.artan Medo-xomil, Olmete-c) Psychos-is astrop*an o,vral receptozin-e Ayurveda Fr'o,ntier (Frontline-) 22-4_4 lbs � Pets, Fle+as,_ Ticks Nolvade*x (T'amoxifen, Istu*bal, Valodex,, Soltamox, .Gen-ox, Tamofen) . Bactro*ban � Bacteria,l Infections., An_tibiotic, Skin 'Infection's, Furuncle, *Impe.tigo pain*ful urinatio'n tavegi,l strongylo.idiasis e_latrol robaxin .Supr+ax (Cefixime) * Premature *Ejaculation Tr'iamci-nolone Oral Pa*ste (Aristo-cort, Kena-log, Tri,derm, tr.iaderm) non-sp*ecific bac_terial va-giniti_s Clonidine (Ca'ta-pres, Dixarit, ad+hd,, Duraclone) L_asix (F-urosemide, .Frusemid., Frusid, Frusol, ,Frudi,x, Furosed+on) Selegiline+ [] (E,ldepryl,, Zelapar) H'ea_rtz (Small Dogs+) [heartzs]. (Heartga+rd Plus, I,vermecti.n, Pyra_ntel Pamoa+te) Altitude Sickn.ess Sk'in Itching+ zyprexa bronc* Insulin Glargi,ne (*Lantus) [ins-ulin] (Lan-tus, Novo_log, insulin', insu+lin glargi*ne) Leukemi,a Nason+ex (Mometasone *furoat'e, Mometasone) *Septice_mia Didanosine -� HIV ath_erosclero,sis Medrol �+ Pain, In'flammat-ion, Art-hritis, J+oint Pain, Pso,riatic Arthri+tis*, Epicondylitis, G*out.y Arthritis, Lu-pus,_ Rheumato+id Arthritis, _Bursitis,' Spondy,litis, Ost'eoarthritis, Te+nosynoviti*s, Conge_nital Adr-enal Hyperpla+sia, No.nsuppurative T*hyroi*ditis, Hypercalc.emia, Bullo+us -Dermatitis Herpet,iformis,' Ery-thema Multifo'rme, Seb-orrheic D,ermatitis, Exfoliat*i_ve Dermatitis, Myc+osis fungoi-des, Pemp,higus,. Psoriasis, Al+lergy,* Serum Sic_kness,* Bronchial Asthma,* Atopic D+ermat_itis, Kerati'tis, Opt-ic Neuritis, All_ergic Conj*uncti-vitis, Cho'rioretin'itis, Iritis, Sa-rcoido*sis, Be'rylliosis, Lo'effler's Syndrom,e I.ridocyclitis', Purpura, Hemo'lytic Ane.mia, Hypop'lastic An_emia, Eryt-hroblastope,nia, Thro'mbocyto*penia, Ulcer+ative Co+litis, Ente*ritis, Multipl_e _Sclerosis, Tr-ichinosis trazo-rel -Pamelor � Dep-ressio+n, Nocturnal Enu,resis, B.edwetting omn,atax. Eurax � Scab,ies, Ski-n Itching, An,tipruriti-c diclomax r_etard byst_oli'c zelapar duricef Mul*tiforme Scabies *Dil,tiazem Cream � _Anal Fi+ssures, _Hemorrhoids chloro,my,cetin kapikachh.u Female Ciali-s � Fe'male En'hancement, Decrea'sed Lib_ido Ovr,al G [ovral] (N_orges_trel, Ethiny.loestradiol) r.imonabant, kalu*mid Geriforte -simva.statin ear *infect+ion Detoxificatio*n Caf,ergot (ergotam.ine ,tartrate, caf,feine) myr*ac Xopenex' � Bronchosp_asm, Asthma,, Chr.onic Obstructiv,e Pulm'onary Disease,' COPD Heada+che P,ilex � Hemorrho+id-s Paxil � Depr,ession, Obs*essive-,Compulsi,ve Disorder, Pan-ic 'Disorder, Social A+nxiety, M-ajor Depr'essive D.isorder,_ PTSD, Post *Traumati.c Stress Disord*er Pyridium ,� U'rinary Tract Inf-ecti_ons, Increased *Uri,nation, Urinary Bur-ning, Uri*nary Pain , Colchic-ine [colchi'cine] (A_rtri'chine, Cochic, C.olchicin A,gepha+, Colchicina* Lirca, Colc_hicina Pho,enix, C'olchicin+e Houde, Colch+icum-Disp_ert, Colchily,+ Col'chimedio, +Colchiquim', Colchis, Colch,iso.l, Colchysat Bu+rger, Colcine', Colgout,- Conicine, .G+outichine, Goutnil*, Ko-lkisin, Pr.ochic, R) Cyclos*porine E*ye Dro'ps [cycl'osporineeye+drops] (re'stasis) Hi+mcolin � Erecti-le Dysf+unction,+ Male Enhancem-ent, Erection_, A.yurveda V-iagra Capsu'les ( citra-te) clomip,hene KCS E,urax (crotam+iton) + Spasms Ava-pro (Irbesart,an, Aprovel+, Karvea*) dyfenamic ap,o-azith-romyci.n Quick-Detox ' Relafe_n (Nabume_tone, Relifex, pa'in) *Celebrex +[celebrex] '(Celecoxib,. Celebra, ,Cobix, Celcoxx,_ Sele,cap, pain) Andro*genic A_lopecia d.eltacortril g*er+d lanoxicaps t'inidazole ,trimet,azidine volsaid+ sr Neurontin -(Gabap-entin) ,bisoprolol We*ight -Management topo+max sumam_ed dupro_st miro nasac+ort Le'ukemia Famvir *[famvir] (Fa'mciclovi.r) c_olon clean supre-me daypres_s Dimenhydri,nate (Drama.mine) [dim.e.nhydrinate] (+Dramamine, +Driminate+, Gravol, G'ravamin, Vom_ex, Vert-irosan) Starli-x (Nategl*inide, dia.betes,* Fastic, Glinat*e, G'lunat, Stars,is, Trazec+) Zomet,a (zoledr_onic acid) quinap-ril Namenda, (M,emantine, Axura,, Aka,tinol, Ebix-a, Abixa , Memo-x, A-dmenta) 12+ Cialis Soft T*abs *(Tadalafil) 1..56% gl*ucotrol -xl Shigru � Arthr*itis, Joint ,P,ain Hirsutism Sulf.asalazine+ � Bowel I,nflamm-ation, Di+arrhea, Rectal Bl*eeding+, Abd.ominal Pain, ,Ulcerat+ive Coliti,s, Rheumatoi,d Arthritis' Gokshu,ra [gokshu*ra] Antidepressan+t Diabet,ic Nephropa*thy froidir. Zo*cor (Simvasta'tin, Si*mlup, Simcardis, -Ranzolont., Simvad,or)) As_telin (Azelastine,_ Alle_rgodil, Rinali-n, R'hinolast, azel.astin) t*ubo-ova-rian absce+ss Angina Pector+is dram'amine Rocalt-rol [r.ocaltrol+] (calcitriol) Hydr,e+a Allegra (Fe+xofenadin, _Telfast, Fastof-en) Cresto-r ('Rosuvastatin) V*iagra [*genericviagra]_ (Sildena+fil c*itrate, Viagra', Generic V.iagra, Kam,agra, r-evatio ,_ phrodil,, Edegra, Erasmo, *Penegra, S+up*ra, Zwagra) go+utichi,ne acyclovir trazon'il dyn,acin Gout- Serum Sickness. u-cort' adef*ovir Zyprexa (Ola+nzap-ine, Zalasta, Zol+af'ren, Olzapin, 'Rexapi'n) wymesone- periactine- Strongyloi-diasis genta* sumamed T.rivastal (Piri,bedil,' Pronoran,. Trastal., Trivastan) Cel_ebrex � ,Osteoarth.ritis, A*nkylosing S+pondylitis, Juv'enile Rhe,umatoid A,rthri+tis, JRA, Rheumat'oid Arthri-tis, P,ain, Dysmeno-rrhea, Famili_al Aden+omatous. Polyposis', FAP Antiep+iletic Spe*man [spema+n] Arcoxia- (Etoricox_ib, Alg'ix, Tauxib, pain.) L,iposafe (W*eight Loss, diet, .diet pi_lls) Ath*erosclerosis, Lasuna [l.asuna] maxi'dex flatul_ence_ Cyklokapron (T_ranexamic _acid, Tr+ansamin,, Esper-cil) flurbi.profen ey*e drops Sun-thi viga.mox Fosama*x (Alen*dronic acid, A'le_ndronate sodium)

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