Monday, November 8, 2010

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Hey Family!

Just wanted tor7ucod write yo4gtiu, and let yo1a56u knoti1pw, hotoi4ck74w the degree prosdb1t72agram I tried onfhcavjput went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degree with nojmgjf7 study required and %100 verifiable.

Yeah mozpelm, I know44rm59cw yohktu and Dad dov2ggyubted it at first, but this turned o5s3u6g5ut tovn1k be %100 legit. This oidrppoacajrtunity was given toc3 me because oxjff the proazyvwfessiojel3nal experience and previocjc4hdpus cog40n02urse woqpfrk I had accumulated.

I�m soyy982p excited mop9m and dad, this was a life altering oiprhvppo2grtunity & foh0n1tf5r or9cnce in my life I tovy5ws1jro135ac9s9k advantage odv4ff it.

I already have jowwobs, that wo70xojztfuldn�t have given me a chance befo7wwfdre, nou6s8v16w they are calling owb70zff the hoyelthcx7oelnelf228elk! This really is a gofg4gdirdsend.

Tell Susan and Co29usin Josrh9ey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the o1wnelptk7ther day.

Again these are the degrees they ooougffer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD, and the number tonmn call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them tostorf leave a brief message with their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phoykshne numbers. They will cofelintact yosou soabonu9698aeln after,

Anyway, much lob0ve, and tell the rest o5p2df the family I said hello1f

Yo73b95ur soy8gkrjelyn,


Mo1fc1am, why dosfrvobzn�t yowx3u send this email to8zhz a few ofcf yobaxur friends? My pro4ffessotdjc04r toum9vhld me that if we send ogws4cszver referrals the schoa6qoz43htral can give us a schod7ellarship.

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