Monday, November 8, 2010

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Hey Family!

Just wanted to4g write yobnxju, and let yok67vwihhu knoymw, ho76q8cmiw the degree pro3fkwdagram I tried oh3i51but went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degree with nodgynmgw study required and %100 verifiable.

Yeah morim, I kno75rhu2rw yo5gqkphaelu and Dad dow9fubted it at first, but this turned o5kg0cx5ut to6t3nr2yel be %100 legit. This oh21uooppoxy1elqel94rtunity was given togasdyc me because o2kmof the pro6qo8elfessioth2rmjynal experience and previoxelymtx85us cobf9xnrelurse wofelwbelw25rk I had accumulated.

I'm soaiv8mx9 excited moz06m and dad, this was a life altering ovy2k8ppoh3rtunity & fo3yur o4pnce in my life I tot8uxor8sjtqnk advantage ovumgf it.

I already have jo1rvff3xbs, that woko1qsi7eluldn't have given me a chance befozzh1re, nopw4yzw they are calling og6xugff the houbelelognk! This really is a goyv82h0xdsend.

Tell Susan and Coxd7ocusin Jodb5fkoey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the oug0i98tther day.

Again these are the degrees they oxf53qififfer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD, and the number todu call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them to95j7v4tu leave a brief message with their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phoqjb0ne numbers. They will cono38ntact yo9ii7aju sooqhzk6ocmhu9n after,

Anyway, much lovq13x5yve, and tell the rest o6oxgf the family I said hello2r2fh4pg

Yoarur soc5n,


Mospmw3ielfm, why do87cg1n't yoahq595j0u send this email tos0762 a few omo42wel67f yor90elur friends? My provfkajofessof4wr tozcld me that if we send o0ubcver referrals the schorvdo82v4wxl can give us a scho0a4zlarship.

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