Monday, April 14, 2008

Location | PAVE Academy Charter School

Location PAVE Academy Charter School Please read this statement from their website carefully; note that they're in discussion with the DoE, not the community, about locations....

And keep in mind that they've been offered newly built, available space outside of PS15, but that they allowed too much time to pass before making a decision on the other location and lost it, and that Spencer Robinson complained about rental and other real estate prices and the cost of running a charter school during a small informational meeting at PS15. Boo, hoo: while charter schools get less funding than public schools from governmental sources, they're allowed (and expected) to do loads more fundraising to cover their expenses - the money's out there, especially for children's educational and cultural enrichment.

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Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, they just had people sign up for their enrollment lottery, and I wonder how many people actually signed up when the school doesn't even know where it's going to be located yet? If I were a parent (again - my son is older) of a child that young, and I happened to be a working parent, location would be a very important issue for me. I'd also wonder why this brand new school that's doing heavy recruitment in the neighborhood just didn't seem to have it together enough to have a specific site selected yet (if you were enrolling your student, wouldn't you like to go take a look at he building he or she would be spending the day in, AHEAD of time?)