Friday, April 18, 2008 Blog: Sale on NYC Charter School Projects Blog: Sale on NYC Charter School Projects Click on the link to find out more about one of the many generous ways organizations hand out money to Charter Schools.

It would be interesting to research whether similar funding is available for public schools.

Especially since I'm really irritated by certain people (ahem) complaining about how expensive it is to run a charter school (if you're going to complain about a key aspect of your job, then maybe you need to look for another occupation).


Piper said...

I am a teacher at PS 15 and would like to reply that is an amazing organization. Many public school teachers, and specifically teachers at PS 15, have used this resource throughout the years. it is an ingenious way for us to supplement resources in our classrooms.

moderator said...

I'm glad to hear that Donorschoose is available to public school teachers as well as others. Really. It's a relief. I'm glad there are resources out there that enhance the severely limited budget our public schools are squeaking by on.

Anonymous said...

If both charter schools and public schools can use, then on one hand that's terrific (because there are so many sources of funding that are expressly earmarked for Charter Schools only) BUT - on another level, doesn't this reinforce what's been said before in this blog, that if the Pave Academy ends up located within PS15, they would indeed be competing for the same funding sources, and personally, I think it would be nasty if the Pave Academy were undercutting PS15 in getting this money.