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Fwd: Charter Schools being placed in existing public schools

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Hi Emily,
I am not aware of the charter school you are referring to however this did occur at NEST+M 2 years ago when the chancellor wanted to place Courtney Ross's charter school in their building. Courtney Ross is the founder of The Ross Institute in East Hampton which is a private school. The parents and students at NEST, reserved 2 Jitney's and took a ride to EH in polite protest of the disruption this charter school would cause to their building and community. The parents won, but the charter wound up kicking out a school that was housed at TWEED.
The principal at NEST from that event no longer works at the school, but you may want to give the parent coordinator a call to see if that person would be willing to give you some ideas as to how they protested and won.

Good luck.

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Subject: Charter Schools being placed in existing public schools

I'm the mother of a student at PS15 in Red Hook, and as you may have heard, the Department of Education has decided to place a new charter school in our building starting next fall. Many of the parents connected with the school - and other members of the community - are quite upset by this. Our school has received high grades, and excels in serving its existing student population - and has small classes and a "family" feel that really supports the students in many positive ways. As part of the effort to protest this decision, I've set up a blog that provides substantial background on the issue, and I'd like to ask you to take a look at  your convenience, and if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can successfuly block having a second school arbitrarily placed on our premises, we'd be glad to hear from you.

And just for the sake of democratic argument, if you have an interesting argument pro-charter schools, feel free to speak up on that as well.

Here's the link to the blog:

Thanks for your consideration -

Emily Brown

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