Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome - A Note from the Founder | PAVE Academy Charter School

Welcome - A Note from the Founder PAVE Academy Charter School

This is the Welcome message from Spencer Robertson, who talks about "accountability" in his message:

When we got the green light to open the school from New York State on January
16, 2008, PAVE Academy immediately became accountable to a number of entities
throughout the state and city governments.

What he DOESN'T mention, however, is how he will be accountable to the Red Hook community in general. Does it sound like he feels he's only accountable to governmental agencies? He has to be accountable to them if he's going to operate a school under their auspices.

By the way, it wasn't easy finding this website - it's not even registered with any of the popular search engines yet. There's not a lot of depth on the site yet, either. Does this inspire confidence in prospective parents? Take a look at the credentials of the people involved in the organization so far - they have fine academic credentials, but it doesn't sound like they have very much hands-on experience yet.

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Anonymous said...

When Mr. Robinson was planning his charter school, how much work did he do to actually find out what Red Hook's needs are? Did he even do any real research on Red Hook at all? Seems like the man's a bit out of touch - and that the project is more about HIS goals than Red Hook's goals. Look through the material posted on this blog about who he wants the school to serve - a population he thinks is 50% Hispanic and 50% African American. Are those figures correct in the first place? And what about students who might be of OTHER backgrounds - doesn't limiting the student body to two ethnic backgrounds amount to discrimination?