Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PAVE Academy

I'd like to know when the public meeting to discuss the PAVE Academy's proposed placement in PS15 is scheduled to take place. I'm a parent of a PS15 student, and like most of the other parents at the school, I am very strongly opposed to having this happen; I've been researching the issue and have compiled and organized a blog dealing with the issue, which you're welcome to look at at http://charter-free-ps15.blogspot.com - it makes it manifestly clear why this decision will have a profoundly negative impact on an excellent and high achieving public school. Please contact me at emilyholiday@gmail.com or at 917-325-1348. It's of the utmost importance that this meeting take place in order to have a true dialogue between the community and the Department of Education; our childrens' educations are at stake.
Thank you.
Emily Brown

You can also reach me by phone at 917-720-7335.

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