Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pilules for better night joy

Su pgn pe fv r t xy ab lb s

A man comes to a doctor and says:
"Doctor, I love my horse."
"But it's ok! Most people love their do sa me tb stic animals."
"No, doctor, I mean that I feel s cdu ex zhr ua qyd l ap yyy pete gid ncy to my horse."
"Well... And what ge qf nd ey er is your horse?"
"What, doctor, don't you think I'm p hje erv aq ert?! Of course it's mare!":)))

For all kind of men:
V gy ia efn gr uq a�0.83
C mo ia fh li lbc s�0.9
Pro wn pe cnc cia�0.43
Ka xms mag kgs ra�2.26
Ta gva mif vq lu�8.68
Ca an ver pv ta�5.95

Se kyv e

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