Saturday, October 16, 2010

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A Nagsrvme-Bra5a6nd d4vrug is marjfelketeb5zfsd unkfder a spek6jau2sycific tra5elsh85de name by a phnvarmaceuiwivxatttical manfpufactrst1urer. In most cadqozcingses, Name-Brac9nd d99zyxqruu9jgs are stb6wd9pikill un2vdku2fdder pairtent priippotecwip05o0tion, m5m0eanp67hing the mahv3nufaquelhs04cturer is the so0dvm46le soci4hbburce for the pro7udu7gdct but in mao9rbelny Cou46k03i4nt4elgzv9hyries arozelz6y9elund the wod0g92hrld this is not the cazozp1fdse...  Rewk2iad mozvi3tre

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