Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Hey Family!

Just wanted tofnkb write yo0vz96whku, and let yoycu knonidhw, hoicw the degree proiz4yhcgogram I tried o8elut went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degree with nop6 study required and %100 verifiable.

Yeah moelconum, I kno4y8w yo1hu and Dad dok6ubted it at first, but this turned ongboth4elut toywztmr be %100 legit. This oydzwfqjppoqom7v2trtunity was given tondkmy me because on8bojf the proo9x53fessio1i9bnal experience and previowcit07kuus coxzbxrurse woy93g5rk I had accumulated.

I'm sou9 excited mo879m and dad, this was a life altering o0jnvppo0f8g9jtrtunity & fo78i205ur osybnce in my life I towvd926kbo5726nj1mk advantage oqyr0bxbf it.

I already have jo7fbs, that wor563uldn't have given me a chance befovkgare, no61qdyjow they are calling ozmvu6gagff the housgorkk! This really is a gobkdsend.

Tell Susan and Co3tgvdusin Jonhelwey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the o9g85ther day.

Again these are the degrees they o3tg1ffer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD, and the number to0yp7 call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them tos7p leave a brief message with their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phoxxne numbers. They will cop0ntact yo0t2ciu somrdok5f5dzn after,

Anyway, much lo3waxve, and tell the rest oh8zo1o5f the family I said hello6x

Yo0zkur so1pv2n,


Mo2q53m, why dowun't yoxxrrwu send this email to0p7td a few ocp8cuf yoq0jztur friends? My prot7fesso5j3z5jm1r tovbold me that if we send om7iver referrals the schowqmozil can give us a schordelrdlarship.

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