Monday, September 6, 2010

Wayne Rooney Scandal Sex Video

Wayne Rooney Scandal Video: Latest News Updates Wayne Rooney who is reported to have had a physical relation with a 21 year old girl from Bolton. Wayne took this girl to Cheshire mansion which belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Rooney. Rooney met this girl named Jennifer Thompson at a casino. He had the audacity to do this as his wife is pregnant and is under proper care out of home.
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The girl was feeling somewhere guilty. She thought she should not do this with someone like Wayne Rooney and regarded this unfair. She charged him £200 an hr. It is also reported that she is a catholic.

Thompson is a family person and even said that she calls herself lucky to have such a happy family and good friends. Jennifer who is also known as Juicy Jeni in her My Space profile described Rooney that he is not that naughty and she already is used to sleep with the England and Manchester United star footballer. Her used up is actually because prior to this scandal she had shared herself with him seven times.


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