Friday, September 3, 2010

My Domains DNS Issues

Some of you who did follow my tweets or my Facebook updates, might already know what happened.
Last week, when I was trying to access to some of my websites, I am not able to reach the website.
At first, I thought it was the VPS overload again, since I use the VPS for too many websites and technically, I am abusing the VPS like how people is playing SM. Lol

But when I try to access this blog, hey! This site is still up! The VPS isn’t down and I am able to ssh into the VPS when I directly ssh to this VPS’s IP. And I checked the VPS load, it is only less than 0.8. So it means the VPS is ok. When I tried to access a few more websites that hosted in this same VPS, there is a few other domains is unresolvable. I immediately try to switch my network setting and try to use Google DNS( to access those domains that is unresolvable. Amazingly, I am able to reach the websites without problem. So I had confirmed that there is something wrong with the Streamyx DNS.

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