Saturday, August 30, 2008

"News" about PAVE Academy

According to the PAVE Academy's website, there was a public board meeting on August 5th. I'm wondering how well this was publicized throughout the neighborhood (and beyond)... this is the first I heard of the event myself, and I would have attended myself if I hadn't had to deal with a family tragedy (my mother was killed in a car accident on the 2nd in Long Island, and because of this, I was not in the city much that week).

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 PAVE Academy Public Board Meeting

Tuesday August 5, 2008, 6:45 p.m.

71 Sullivan St., Second Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11231

At any rate, I've also gotten calls this week from Rachel Monahan (reporter for the Daily News) and a few other people who were involved in protesting the co-siting of  PAVE last spring. Although it looks as though we're stuck with PAVE's occupation of PS15 for the coming school year, the issue of getting them off the premises within 2 years (if not sooner) should not be dropped, particularly since at least one of their funding sources makes a rather large point of promoting establishing independent sites for charter schools.

Let's keep the lines of communication open and not let the issue drop.

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