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News from the District 15 Community Education Council (CEC)

District 15 Community Education Council

"Empowering Parents to Claim Excellent Education for All Students"

Starting this month our Updates will be sent out at the end of the month.  In so doing we hope to give you an overview of what has transpired for the entire month.


Our last update was prior to the January Calendar meeting so we would not wan to be remiss in acknowledging and extending our thanks to Assembly member James Brennan and Mr. Phil Vacarro, Project manager from the office of Assessment and Accountability, and our district 15 Superintendent, Ms. Rosemary Stuart, who made presentations at our robust January meeting on the topic of School Progress Report Cards.


Congratulations to the new principals in District 15 -

Ms. Holly Reichert, has been appointed as the new principal of The Khalil Gibran Middle School

Ms. Laura Scott, former assistant principal is now the principal of PS 10, after the retirement of Principal Concetta Ritorto; we wish Ms. Ritorto a happy retirement.

Ms. Peggy Wyns-Madison became the new principal of PS 15 just a few days ago.

We wish all of you continued success in your worthy endeavor, as leaders, in the education of our children.


On February 13th, our meeting was a tribute to our Community Partners of District 15 schools. We thank them for their support to our schools.  They were gracious in making presentations and answering questions after which they were presented with certificates of appreciation.

The second half of the meeting was dedicated to conversation regarding the school budget cuts and the announcement of the Charter School plans for PS 15.  CEC 15 read Resolution #6 that was resolved in April of 2007 addressing the issue of placement of new schools in buildings occupied by existing schools, with no public hearing or consultation before the decision is essentially made.

The CEC Resolved then and continues to support the Resolution that the DOE develop and institute a process of community consultation on the sitting of new schools, such consultation to be held before a probable location is chosen:

The Resolution States in part:

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that CEC 15 calls upon the DOE, when it detects "excess capacity" in a school building, to begin the process of filling the space by meeting with the school community to brainstorm possibilities;

AND IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that said process should include at a minimum, (1) public hearing to be held before the CEC of the affected school district, said hearing to be cosponsored, in the case of a high school, with the Citywide Council on High Schools, and in the case of a special education school, with the Citywide Council on Special Education, and (2) an advisory vote by the appropriate Education Council(s);   . . .

(You may obtain a copy of the full resolution by calling or e-mailing the CEC office.)


At a January 17th DOE meeting on Student Achievement proposed changes to the 8th grade Promotion Policy were announced.  The Department of Education (DOE) will hold town hall meetings in all five boroughs on this proposed 8th grade promotion policy. Members of the public can also submit comments via e-mail to

The Brooklyn hearing will be held on
Tuesday, March 4 - 6:00pm to 8:30 pm - Speaker sign up begins at 6:00pm
at Brooklyn Technical High School (29 Fort Greene Pl.)

We encourage you to participate in this process and let your voices be heard.


Mr. Frank Laghezza, Executive Assistant District Attorney of the Crime Prevention Division has approached CEC15, along with the Superintendent, and the Office of Family Engagement & Advocacy to pilot a program in District 15 that will educate children and parents about Internet Safety and Gangs. Some principals have already been invited to participate in this program and others of you will hear from Mr. Laghezza soon.  Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.


There are still 3 parent openings for the District 15 Council.  Please help us to empower our school community.

Your first step is to complete the application.  Applications are available directly from the DOE website  or you may call the CEC 15 office for a hard copy or to have one e-mailed to you.

We want to hear from you.  Please call or e-mail us with the topics you are interested in covering for upcoming CEC Meetings.

Thank you for your active Participation in your child(ren)'s education!

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