Thursday, February 14, 2008

Executive Director Job Posting for PAVE Charter School

Exhibit M: Job Descriptions
PAVE Academy Charter School
School Description: PAVE Academy Charter School (PAVE) prepares Kindergarten to 8th grade
students in South Brooklyn to thrive in competitive high schools and 4-year colleges. PAVE will
provide its students with a rigorous academic program and a school community built on the
following core values: Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance and Excellent Character. The school
expects to open in August 2008 to 88 Kindergarteners and First Graders and each year thereafter the
school will add an additional grade until it reaches capacity in 8th grade.
Position Summary: PAVE Academy Charter School seeks a founding Executive Director (ED).
The ED will be accountable directly to PAVE’s Board of Trustees for the school’s academic success,
rigorous and vibrant culture, financial stability and ongoing organizational viability.
Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):
• Embody, advocate and operationalize the mission, vision and strategic direction of PAVE
• Focus on achieving dramatic improvement in student academic performance
• Focus on the establishment of a disciplined, rigorous school culture built on the core values
of Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance and Excellent Character (PAVE)
• Serve ex-officio on the Board of Trustees and all Board committees
• Provide the Board with all information, reports and data in a timely fashion so as to be able
to effectively govern the school
• Recruit, hire, manage and evaluate an outstanding leadership team (Director of Curriculum
and Instruction and Director of Operations)
• Support the professional development and growth of all teaching and administrative staff
• Serve as PAVE’s primary spokesperson to all audiences (government, media, funders, and
community partners)
• Lead Community meetings, faculty meetings and administrative-team meetings
• Comply with the charter, accountability requirements and relevant law
• Evaluate, along with the DCI, academic achievement and teacher performance via detailed
data analysis
• Provide the necessary resources and supports to the staff to raise student academic
• Provide the Board of Trustees with recommendations regarding staffing levels and
budgetary priorities
• Create discipline policies and standards of conduct for school personnel and students with
the support of the administrative team
• Manage matters pertaining to the hiring and dismissal of all personnel, salaries and contracts
and orientation and training
• Submit accurate, timely reports and data to all necessary external stakeholders (government,
funders, etc.)
• Work with the Board, Director of Operations and the Development Committee to
raise/manage funds to support PAVE’s academic program
• Marshall PAVE’s financial resources prudently to allow for maximum student success
Exhibit M: Job Descriptions
• As needed work with the Board, Director of Operations and the Development Committee
to raise/manage funds for capital related expenditures
• Ensure, in conjunction with the Director of Operations, the accuracy of all financial
• Play an active role in student recruitment and family outreach
Qualifications and Experience:
• Strong commitment to PAVE’s mission and vision
• Teaching and leadership experience in an urban school with demonstrated success in terms
of significantly elevating student performance to levels that surpass state averages
• Commitment to the use of data and regular assessment to inform instructional decisions
• Motivational leader with a demonstrated ability to build a strong culture, lead by example
and drive individuals to succeed
• Demonstrated ability to lead and work collaboratively with a team of professionals
• Outstanding public speaking and writing skills
• Successful fundraiser with the demonstrated ability to attain financial support from myriad
• Technological proficiency with a strong understanding of statistics and data analysis
• Highly energetic, highly motivated individual with the requisite entrepreneurial spirit for a
start-up school
• Strong work ethic combined with excellent organizational skills
• Strategic, solutions oriented thinker with demonstrated ability to overcome organizational
challenges- regardless of the obstacles or how long the job takes
• Demonstrated ability to be open to feedback, assume and embrace personal responsibility
and the to grow as a school leader
Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience. Substantial merit bonuses will
be awarded each year based on student academic performance and other metrics established by the
Board of Trustees.
Start Date:
An outstanding candidate will begin work full-time upon the receipt of a Charter.
To Apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume via email to In the subject line of the
email, please write the following: Application for Executive Director. Please note that applications
without cover letters will not be reviewed.

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