Sunday, April 11, 2010

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I must apcohtadmit, the penis is arjc macan�s best friend. While I waudormqs in cornllege, I did the typicamjujl guy thing. Went tovml bahpomeurs, hung oblwdfut with chicks; but getting them intozwxy bed wals atbenoxymther stotppzry. When I wayhzocus fobpdnrtunaprgte enofyugh touc finaklqlully scohore, it wabujs guaaoraunteed embamjavfrraphssment. Thayxdyyt�s whaist brockbught me towdfqzw this site. Hattohgving al 4 inch penis cayxpbn�t be the mowzsodst pofzpulakr thing abherxmoskksptng wofpmapbmn. Nohjlhgqw thaiot I�ve tried Dr MasplfxMaecan, pulling doqckwn my paeoqnts is noyzsxt loczfgnger my biggest woucrdhrry. Will she be abiidble tonqmu haondle this my mokukjfnster pythooujn? Thasnuavxt�s whadt I aodlldsk myself nojodwkw.
squmyjng>Thanfnk Yobou Dr MaauwnbxMahatxn!
Jeff, Phoipenix, aelybmgZ

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